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A comprehensive and practical range of equipment for the table

Description Price Qty Image
Table Stands
Distressed light wooden display crate £5.00
Brown Wooden Display Crate £5.00
Woven Oblong Bread Basket 13in (33cm) £1.50
Wicker Round Bread Basket Round 9in (23cm) £1.25
*** NEW *** Pdy-Wicker Bread Basket 8x26x42cm £1.60
*** NEW *** Picnic Hamper £5.00
*** NEW *** Small Oval Wicker Bread Basket £1.00
*** NEW *** Baguette Bread Basket £1.50
Wooden Carving Board with juice well 16x12in (40x30cm) £1.75
Carving Knife £1.00
Carving Fork £1.00
Disposable Chefs Hat - White Tall 11.5in (29cm) £0.35
Wooden Cheese Platter Round 12in diam (30cm) £1.35
Stainless Steel Small Ham Stand with spikes £1.80
Flats - Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Serving Oval 16in (41cm) £1.55
Stainless Steel Serving Oval 18in (46cm) £2.05
Stainless Steel Serving Oval 24in (61cm) £2.55
Salmon Platter 30in (76cm) £2.80
Dishes and Lids - Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Soup Tureen 10pt (568cl) and Ladle £4.00
Stainless Steel Sauce/Gravy Boat 10oz (28cl) £1.00
Stainless Steel Oval Veg Dish 12in (30cm) £1.55
Lid for Stainless Steel Oval Dishes 12in (30cm) £1.55
Stainless Steel Oval Banquet Dish 18in (46cm) £1.55
Stainless Steel 3xDivided Oval Banquet Dish 18in (46cm) £1.55
Lid for Stainless Steel Oval Banquet Dishes 18in (46cm) £1.55
Service - Stainless Steel
*** NEW *** Clear Flute Tray £4.00
BLACK Round Non-Slip Service Tray 16in (41cm) £2.00
***NEW*** Black Oval Non-Slip Service Tray 27" £3.75
*** NEW *** Black Round Non - Slip Service Tray 14" £1.80
***NEW** Anti-Skid Tray Mat for 16" s/steel Trays £0.50
Stainless Steel Round Service Tray 12in (30cm) £1.25
Stainless Steel Round Service Tray 16in (41cm) £2.00

Thursday 19th September 2019

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