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Kings EPNS

Top of the range best silver plated Sheffield cutlery for fine dining
LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE this season - suitable for the smaller/private function - please check availability (01242 820100) before ordering

Description Price Qty Image
EPNS Kings Soup Spoons £0.30
EPNS Kings Side/Starter Knives £0.30
EPNS Kings Starter/Dessert Forks £0.30
EPNS Kings Fish Knives £0.30
EPNS Kings Fish Forks £0.30
EPNS Kings Table Knives £0.30
EPNS Kings Table Forks £0.30
EPNS Kings Dessert Spoons £0.30
EPNS Kings Tea Spoons £0.30
EPNS Kings Coffee Spoons £0.30
EPNS Sugar Tongs £0.30
EPNS Kings Serving Dessert Spoons £0.30
EPNS Kings Serving Table Forks £0.30

Wednesday 20th January 2021

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