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Gold Band

Pure white with gold edging - special china for special occasions

Description Price Qty Image
Tableware - China
Gold Band Rimmed Soup Plate 8.25in (21cm) £0.23
Gold Band Side Plate 6.5in (17cm) £0.23
Gold Band Plate 8.25in (21cm) £0.23
Gold Band Plate 10.5in (26cm) £0.23
Gold Band Plate 12in (30cm) £0.28
Gold Band Dessert Bowl 6.5in (17cm) £0.23
Tableware - Service
Gold Band Tea Cup £0.23
Gold Band Tea Saucer £0.23
Gold Band Demi-Tasse Coffee Cup £0.23
Gold Band Demi-Tasse Coffee Saucer £0.23
Gold Band Cream Jug 9oz (26cl) £0.73
Gold Band Sugar Bowl £0.73
Gold Band Tea Pot 2pt £2.05
Gold Band Coffee Pot 1pt £1.90
Gold Band 3 Tier Cake Stand - 14in high - top 6.5in middle 7.5in bottom 10in diam £3.20
Tableware - Miscellaneous
Gold Band Butter Dish 3in (8cm) £0.23
Gold Band Cruet Set £1.00
Gold Band Sauceboat 10oz (28cl) £1.03
Gold Band Serving Bowl 9in (23cm) £1.10
Gold Band Serving Oval 14in (36cm) £1.15

Sunday 29th November 2020

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