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A comprehensive and practical range of equipment for the table

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Description Manual Price Quantity Quantity In Your Basket Image
Baguette Bread basket 14" x 7" x 2.5"   £1.50 P
Buffet Party Plate Clips   £0.15 P
Chafing Fuel - 2hr burn time tin   £1.20 P
Distressed wooden Crate 41cm x 30cm x 18cm   £5.00 P
Linen Bread Bag   £2.35 P
Nitelite Heated Food Tray   £2.25 P
Poly- Wicker Light, Round Bread Basket 10"   £2.00 P
Poly-Wicker Bread Basket 8x26x42cm   £1.60
Rectangular Chafing Unit inc. Gastro 1:1 food tray (Chafing fuel needs to be added to your basket)   £12.50 P
Round Wooden Paddle/Canape Board (not for chopping)   £4.00 P
Salmon Platter 30in (76cm)   £2.80 P
SLATE 20cm x 20cm   £0.80 P
SLATE 30cm x 20cm   £1.00 P
SLATE 42cm x 12cm   £1.20
Small Wicker Oval Bread Basket 8.5x6.5x3ins   £1.00 P
Wicker Round Bread Basket with handles 9in (23cm)   £1.25 P
Wooden Cheese Platter Round 12in diam (30cm)   £1.35 P
Wooden crate 41cm x 30cm x 18cm   £5.00 P
Wooden table risers   £2.50 P
Woven Oblong Bread Basket 13in (33cm)   £1.50 P