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Pebble Grey

Would Sir like more of this rather stylish offering (we think so!)

All colours shown are a representation, actual colours may vary.

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Plain Napkin 20x20in Pebble Grey  


Plain T/cloth 120 in Circ Pebble Grey  


Plain T/cloth 130 in Circ. Pebble Grey  


Plain T/Cloth 52X52in Pebble Grey  


Plain T/cloth 70x108in Pebble Grey  


Plain T/cloth 70x70 in Pebble Grey  


Plain T/cloth 90x90in Pebble Grey  


plain tablecloth 110''( 279 cm ) round pebble grey  


plain tablecloth 70'' x 144'' ( 178 x 365 cm ) pebble grey  


plain tablecloth 90''( 228 cm ) round pebble grey  


Table Runner 12x104 in Pebble Grey  


Table Runner 12x122 in Pebble Grey  


Table Runner 12x70 Pebble Grey