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Kitchen Utensils

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Description Manual Price Quantity Quantity In Your Basket Image
Balloon Whisk   £2.50 P
Box Grater   £5.00 P
Bread Knife   £2.50 P
Buffet Serving Tong   £2.00
Burger Flipper/Slotted Turner S/Steel   £3.00
Carving Fork   £2.50 P
Carving Knife   £2.50 P
Colander 15in   £4.00 P
Colander 19"   £4.00
Conical Colander   £4.00 P
General Kitchen Serving Tongs   £3.00 P
Large Kitchen Spoons   £3.00
Medium/Large Stainless Steel Ladles   £3.00 P
Mixing Bowl (Polypropylene)   £3.00
Pizza Cutter   £3.00
Sieve 7inch   £3.00
Sieve very small and fine 3inch   £3.00
Silicone Slotted Turner   £3.00 P
Silicone Spatula   £3.00 P
Small Buffet Serving Tongs   £2.00
Smart Black Plastic Tongs   £1.00
Spagetti Spoon   £3.00
Spider Extra Large   £5.00 P
Spider Small   £4.00
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl 14in (36cm)   £3.00 P
Stainless Steel Slotted/Perforated Kitchen Serving Spoons   £3.00 P
Wooden Spoon   £2.40 P