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Heating and Cooking

Items that will Cook your food or hold them at Temperature for you.

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Description Manual Price Quantity Quantity In Your Basket Image
Bain Marie 4 pot R&R Catering   £70.00 P
Carvery Unit with overhead 500w Halogen Bulb   £65.00 P
Chip Scuttle (order scoop separately if needed)   £65.00 P
Double Chilled Drinks Dispenser (2 x 12L)   £72.00 P
Electric 6 x slice Toaster   £24.00 P
Electric Baby Belling Cooker   £60.00 P
Electric Coffee Percolator 90 cup capacity Urn style   £42.00 P
Electric CounterTop Griddle / Plancha with Drip Tray   £175.00 P
Electric Double Boiling Rings   £50.00 P
Electric Double Deep Fat Fryer   £98.00 P
Electric Gastro Size Turbo Convection Oven (with Stand)   £175.00 P
Electric Hot Cupboard & Double Passe   £195.00
Electric Hot Cupboard & Single Passe   £150.00
Electric Hot Cupboard - Standard   £98.00 P
Electric Single Ring Induction Hob   £78.00 P
Electric Soup Kettle10 litre (please order LADLE separately if needed ES28A)   £40.00 P
Electric Water Boiler 6gall (27ltr) (urn style used to heat and hold hot water)   £42.00 P
Filter Coffee Maker Pour & Serve 1.7L (jug style)   £50.00 P
Microwave Heavy Duty 1850 watt Commercial   £85.00 P
Microwave Light Duty 850Watt Domestic   £40.00
Panini Maker / Griddle Electric   £60.00
Pasta Boiler Electric   £95.00
Rice Cooker 6L   £45.00
Rotary Toaster   £55.00 P
Salamander / Table Top Electric Grill   £55.00 P
Table Top Electric Hot Plate (Gold Surround) 27 in   £30.00 P
Table Top Electric Hot Plate (S/Steel Surround) 22 ins   £30.00 P
Victor BL100 Banquette cart   £290.00 P
Victor Serving Hot cupboard Ban Marie Unit   £345.00 P
Water Bath (Sous Vide)   £150.00