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Please Note: R&R Catering Hire ALWAYS recommend that ALL customers plug every 13 amp appliance into a MAINS dedicated socket and DO NOT use extension cable/lead sockets - to avoid overloading the electric supply.

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Description Manual Price Quantity Quantity In Your Basket Image
Dishwasher rack for cups   £5.00
Dishwasher rack for cutlery   £5.00
Dishwasher rack for plates   £5.00
Dishwasher racks for glass   £5.00
Insectocutor 40m2 coverage   £25.00 P
Juicer   £50.00
Stick Blender Large Master 220-240V   £45.00 P
Stick Blender Small   £15.00
Sump Tank & Pump   £145.00
Under Counter Dishwasher (3 phase 32amp 8KW)   £250.00 P
Undercounter Glass Washer (3 phase 32amp 8KW)   £250.00 P
Vac Pack Machine   £75.00 P
Water Filter   £45.00
Water Softener   £45.00